QLOCKTWO W– Biegert & Funk.  I covet unique watches and this is a great example of typical German engineering.  It’s clean, slick and will probably outlive me.  And yes, it’s expensive at $770.  My workaround was to order a pebble watch  where the interface is completely customizable (not to mention that the watch itself is loaded with great features that you can manage with your cell phone via bluetooth). Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for it to arrive since November.  Alas, the woes of contributing to a kickstarter project.  The QLOCKTWO W is a condensed version of the original wall clock QLOCKTWO.  It’s a clock that tells time in words.  It’s similar to watching a train schedule change at the station.  *If anyone is thinking of a gift, please free not to hesitate to send me one of these watches.  ;-)

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